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10th December 2018

Social Justice

Malaysian factories making NHS rubber gloves accused of using forced labour
Major suppliers to the health serve allegedly exploit Bangladeshi and Nepalese workers, withhold pay and confiscate passports
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Climate change is firing up middle-class activism
In the past 10 days, two friends of mine on opposite sides of the world have both done something I have never seen either do before. 
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Britain’s long tradition of respect for human rights is under threat
From Magna Carta to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, signed 70 years ago, we have been a beacon of hope. But how true is that now
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Sustainable Fashion 

Can Transparency Solve the Consumer Trust Deficit?
Unless fashion brands adopt best practices from outside the industry and improve supply chain transparency from within, consumers may begin to wonder what they have to hide. 
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Mara Hoffman Teams Up With The Renewal Workshop to Advance Circularity 
Mara Hoffman turned its New York City office into a hub of sustainable shopping Thursday.
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Bestseller partners with Fashion for Good
International fashion house Bestseller has entered a strategic partnership with Dutch initiative Fashion for Good (FFG) as the pair look to drive the mass fashion market’s adoption of sustainable, circular technologies.
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​​​Stella McCartney, Burberry Among Brands to Address Climate Change
Designers and brands are coming together to address climate change with the launch of the Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action, formed as part of the U.N. Climate Change initiative.
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Bananas grown without soil to halt killer disease
The world’s first crop of bananas grown without soil is due to be harvested this week by Chiquita Brands International and Wageningen University, part of an effort to stem the spread of a deadly fungus which threatens the future of the fruit
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Heavy industries get serious about emissions
Global groups are embracing climate change targets before government action forces them to clean up their act
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Pollution fee will be mayor’s ‘poll tax’
The ultra-low emission zone being introduced in London next year could be the “poll tax” moment for the mayor, Sadiq Khan, opponents have warned
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Foul air blamed for one in eight of India’s deaths
A study of pollution in India has underlined the scale of the country’s public health crisis as it struggles to tackle the dirtiest air on the planet
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