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15 Inspiring People Changing The World Today

Following the ‘How to Change The World’ conference by the How To Academy, Beatrice Murray-Nag looks back over the projects of the 15 speakers and how they are making the world a better place, starting today.
By Eco-Age

[Header Image: Mann Deshi Foundation, Images: How To Academy]

Albert Einstein famously said that “imagination is the highest form of research.” And in one simple phrase, he encompassed the idea that to make change, we have to see beyond the world we live in and look to the potential solutions. We often talk about thinking outside of the box when it comes to solving the world’s problems, but what we are perhaps a little less aware of is just how many people are silently busy blowing the box wide open. 

As the How To Change The World conference by the How To Academy unfolded, a sense of awe-inspiring creativity filled the space. From innovative technical solutions to people-focused projects with communication at their heart, each of the speakers told a story of challenging expectations in order to solve the world’s societal and ecological problems. Advanced technology came together with farming and biodiversity, philosophy with psychology and society with industry, in order to question existing frameworks and promote positive change. Here is a roundup of the work of the extraordinary people that took part, and the world-changing projects underway.


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15 Inspiring People Changing The World Today